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7 Great Secrets to Successful Sports Investing

So you’ve been all over the internet, scouring site after site in search of that winning sports investing strategy.  You’ve spent hundreds of dollars on sports investing software that doesn’t deliver, losing you hundreds more in lost wages.  You’re just about to give up hope on ever making money investing in sports…

Well, if you find yourself in any of those categories, there’s no need to worry anymore, because we’re here to show you some sports investing strategies to get back in the black.  Ron, Mike, and Steve of the Zcode System reveal 7 great sports betting strategies to pad your bankroll and start making positive units.

1.        Teams on winning streaks tend to win more

Especially when betting baseball.  Baseball is a streaky game.  Take a look at any team’s records, you will see that wins and losses hardly ever come one-at-a-time, they come in chunks.  4 wins here, 5 losses there, 3 more wins here, and so on.  If a team is on a winning streak, the odds are greater that they will win again.  Sports investing is all about riding the numbers.  When the numbers say bet, go bet!

2.        Don’t always bet on the favorites

Statistically, the favorite will only win about 55% of the time.  Favorites also tend to come with odds that really don’t back up the numbers.  Remember to take more into consideration than just who the “favorite” is.  Things like top-rated pitchers, home/away teams, winning/losing streaks, etc.  Good sports investing software will be able to find these red-flag statistics for you, so don’t forget to take advantage of them.

3.        Always practice good bankroll management

A good rule of thumb is the 5% rule:  Don’t make a bet that’s larger than 5% of your bankroll.  Good sports investing requires the discipline to drop your unit size if you go on a losing streak.  Think of bankroll management as your best sports investing system.  Remember, you can’t make money if you’ve already lost it all.

4.        Find a good bookie

This can be hard, especially in the United States where there really aren’t that many online bookies to choose from.  It’s worth it to shop around, though.  One bookie could be giving 2.27 odds on a team, while another one could be offering 2.34.  Also, take a look at how much “juice” (the percentage of a bet that a bookie takes for himself) a bookie takes.  Some may take as much as 10% of the bet, some may take as little as 5%.  Do your homework and save yourself some money.

5.        Learn the difference between investing in sports, and sports betting

Really, the only difference between a sports investor and a sports bettor is time.  The bettor goes for the all-or-nothing, get-rich-now approach, while the investor uses a more slow-and-steady approach.  No investing system can give you a 100% prediction rate, and those that do are liars.  Downswings will happen, and having a good investing program in place can protect you from losing all your money.

6.        Stick with your investing system

It can be super tempting to jump on the next big sports investing system after a few bad days.  DON’T DO IT.  While you may be on a downswing now, jumping investing systems will just make it that more likely you come into the next system on a downswing.  Investing in sports is a long-term process.  Don’t sweat losing a few games and trust in the numbers.

7.        Start with the sports you know

It can help immensely if you start betting only on sports that you are knowledgeable in.  If you can name the entire 55-man lineup for the Green Bay Packers, you might want to consider only betting football.  There’s no law that says you have to bet all sports.  Stick with what you know, then branch out from there.