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Sports Handicapper Ron Raymond

March 10th 2011

Bracketology 101! Are you ready to make your march madness picks?

That’s right friends, the madness is at our doorstep and sports bettors world wide are watching every conference championship tournament this weekend to see which team is peaking and could be this years Cinderella club for the 2011 March Madness tournament.

How are you going to watch and bet on March Madness? Are you part of the group who will search the internet for every bracket to fill out or will you take the financial approach and look for betting value on the point spread or the total? From a betting perspective, there’s nothing better then finding that needle in the haystack in round 1, because little unknown schools from the past like Gonzaga, Davidson and Baylor have made the sharp bettor some serious coin.

How to make March Madness Picks?

How are you going to make your picks this year? I’ve found one of the best march madness prediction software at ATS Calculator. Not only does the ATS Calculator give you the prediction on who will win the game, it will tell you what the OVER/UNDER on the game should be according to the Las Vegas Sportsbooks.

Let’s say Jim Boeheim Syracuse Orange takes on Mike Krzyzewski Duke Blue Devils in round 1, the ATS Calculator would have Duke winning the game by 7.19 points and the OVER/UNDER to land on 138.92 points. That’s the beauty of the ATS Calculator, it will take every possible past scoring scenario from this season, spit it in the Calculator and then give you a point spread result you need.

Plus, if you’re making your brackets and you don’t need to take the point spread, it’s the perfect software to help you pick a winner straight up. Furthermore, if you’re not familiar with betting on College Basketball, there’s a great sports betting system called the Streakcatcher.

The best part about the Streakcatcher, anybody can play and it’s free to access the top leader’s picks. All you need to do is simply register for a free username and password and then you have access to some of the top sports bettor’s picks who have a history of making winning picks. Let’s face it, when you’re betting real money on games, you have to take it serious and that’s what the Streakcatcher will do, it will guide you on whom to follow for the March Madness tournament.

Winning comes in streaks and what better betting system then the Streakcatcher which tracks the players picks and lets’ you know on which picks you should be betting during the tournament.

Don’t let the first round value slip you by this season and do your homework early. Bet on the top march madness underdogs in this year’s tournament using the ATS Calculator.

Try the ATS Calculator at

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