About Me

Hey guys, Davis here.  Thank you for checking out my website.

I am 27 years old, and I have been making a full-time living selling on eBay and reviewing products online.

I’ve reviewed about 10 or so products in the “sports betting” niche, I’ve also lost hundreds (if not, thousands) of dollars betting on sports and have found that some betting systems on the internet actually “do” work.

I pride myself on giving visitors to my websites a no-holds-barred, no-BS review to each product I write about.  My reviews are not sponsored by any product that I write about, and yes, I actually go out and buy these products myself, with my own money. I also believe in adding value to all my visitors’ product-search endeavors.

I started this blog to help others get back their lost betting money and make a whole lot more.  Hope you enjoyed my website!

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WARNING, READ THIS FIRST!!! My no-BS review of the Zcode Sports Betting System